Why AirWatch as a MDM solution?

Since recently I’ve been working with the AirWatch solution for Mobile Device Management for our fleet of smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone) and I have to say AirWatch has a great set of tools to manage this fleet of different devices. They are almost the only one with even a procedure of enrollment that doesn’t require the owner of the device to download a client. The IT administrator set’s up an account for the device owner, gives the owner the permission to enroll the device and the only thing the device owner has to do is to click on a link the IT administrator sends him (automatically) by e-mail or sms (by using a SMS Gateway from CellTrust). How cool is that?!

AirWatch doens’t only allow you to manage your devices. No, they also got a great solution for your own Enterprise App store (Application Management) and for secure document sharing (Content Management).

I think AirWatch is a fantastic solution for your enterprise mobile devices. For more detailed information about AirWatch see this link.