Error deleting VHD or Storage Account

When attempting to delete a VHD's blob you may receive the following error: "There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request"

While these errors are expected if a VHD is still registered as a disk or image in the portal, we have identified an issue where a lease remains even if the blob is not registered as a disk or image in the portal.

If you receive one of these errors, first make sure the VHD is not in use:

  1. In the Windows Azure management portal, if the disk shows up under Virtual Machines, Disks, and the Attached To column is not blank, you should first remove that VM in the Attached To column by going to VM Instances, selecting the VM, then clicking Delete.

  2. If Attached To is blank, or the VM in the Attached To column was already removed, try removing the disk by highlighting it under Disks and clicking Delete Disk (this will not physically delete the VHD from blob storage, it only removes the disk object in the portal). If you have multiple pages of disks it can be easier to search for a specific disk by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top right.

  3. If Delete Disk is grayed out, or the disk is not listed under Disks, but you still cannot reuse it or delete it, review this link.


source: MSDN