Overview AirWatch Mobile Device Management

Built for the Mobile Enterprise

AirWatch Solution Overview video

AirWatch provides a comprehensive mobile security, mobile device management and application management solution in a single, integrated console. Watch this video for a basic overview of how AirWatch streamlines the entire mobile lifecycle management process from authentication to security, configuration and management.

The Most Secure, Scalable and Advanced Solution

The AirWatch enterprise solutions are built on a powerful underlying technology platform, developed from the ground up to be multi-tenant, highly scalable, integrate with existing enterprise systems; with the flexibility of being deployed in the cloud or on-premise.



Enterprise Architecture

AirWatch scales to support deployments of hundreds to thousands of devices through a robust architecture that is fully configurable according to your environment and requirements. AirWatch is built on industry standard technology, making it easy to manage alongside your existing enterprise applications. AirWatch can be deployed in a highly available environment and fully supports disaster recovery configurations to minimize downtime.                

Key Features

Scalability, Multi-tenancy, Configurability, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Automated Monitoring

2012/08, 2012/11

Enterprise Integration

AirWatch securely integrates with AD/LDAP, Certificate Authorities, Email infrastructures and other enterprise systems both in a cloud and on-premise deployment model. For cloud deployments, the AirWatch Enterprise Integration Service (EIS) server connects your cloud instance to your on-premise services through a secure, self-service process directly from your AirWatch console. For on-premise environments deployed in tiered network models, the EIS server enables AirWatch to communicate to various corporate services across network layers.                

Key Features

Directory Services, Email Infrastructure, Corporate Networks, Certificates and PKI, Content Repositories, APIs, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

2012/08, 2012/11


AirWatch Mobille Device Management Videos

Mobile devices are proliferating in the enterprise at an exponential rate. Gain visibility and control over the corporate and employee-owned devices connecting to your enterprise network and accessing corporate resources.

AirWatch’s Mobile Application Management (MAM)               

AirWatch’s Mobile Content Management (MCM) solution allows you to secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a native mobile app. Our Secure Content Locker™ application enables your employees to securely access corporate resources on-the-go from their Apple iOS and Android tablet devices.

AirWatch Mobile Email Management (MEM)

Manage and protect your mobile email with AirWatch’s Mobile Email Management (MEM) solutions.

AirWatch Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)               

AirWatch provides unprecedented choices over the types of devices you deploy and the device ownership models without compromising the security and management of your mobile fleet.